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16 Fun End of the Year Activities for Upper Elementary

Need engaging end of the year activities for upper elementary students? It’s time to throw a celebratory bash for all the hard work you and your amazing students have put in this school year. After state testing, we want to keep the classroom buzzing with excitement and positivity. Let’s dive into some awesome end of the year activities for upper elementary students that’ll wrap up the year on a super high note.

Get the students outside

Fitness Fun Day: Promote health and wellness with a Fitness Fun Day or have a Field Day. Plan a variety of physical activities, from relay races and obstacle courses to yoga sessions and dance parties. It’s a lively way to reinforce the importance of staying active and healthy.

Garden Growing Project: Foster a love for nature with a Garden Growing Project. Set up a small garden area in or around the classroom where students can plant seeds, observe plant growth, and learn about the life cycle of plants. It’s a hands-on way to connect with the environment and nurture a sense of responsibility.

Literacy adventures

Storybook Character Day: Let imaginations run wild by having a Storybook Character Day. Kids can come to school dressed as their favorite storybook characters. Have a parade or a mini “character talk show” where each student gets to share why they love their chosen character.

Literary Scavenger Hunt: Organize a literary scavenger hunt where students search for clues related to books they’ve read throughout the year. Each clue leads them to a hidden treasure – perhaps a collection of new books, bookmarks, or even a cozy reading corner makeover. It’s a thrilling adventure for book lovers!

Drama Theater Showcase: Unleash the dramatic talents of your students with a Drama Theater Showcase. Let them create short plays, skits, or even puppet shows based on their favorite stories or historical events. Reader’s Theater is another great way to get students engaged and letting them show off their acting and speaking talents. Check out this Science Reader’s Theater FREEBIE! Invite parents and peers for an entertaining evening filled with creativity and laughter.

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Cereal Box Book Reports: Encourage students to transform an ordinary cereal box into a fun project of their chosen book. From colorful designs to creative illustrations, these boxes become a visual celebration of their literary adventures. But the fun doesn’t stop there – challenge students to craft imaginative blurbs on the back, turning the cereal box into a captivating billboard that entices classmates to embark on the same reading journey. It’s not just a report; it’s a hands-on, artistic exploration that sparks excitement for both reading and creativity in our classroom. Oh, and for a burst of inspiration, check out this adorable cereal box book report project.

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Poetry Cafe: Let’s cook up a Poetry Extravaganza in our classroom! Gather your little poets and split them into teams of 2 or 3. Now, the fun part – let them pick a poem or two that makes their hearts dance and that they’d love to act out. Give them the time to create props and practice their poetic performance. When the big day arrives for their poetry showcase, why not add a dash of magic by bringing treats? It’s like turning our classroom into a real Poetry Cafe where they can perform to their fellow classmates. Imagine the joy of sharing poetry with a side of tasty treats – it’s a delicious way to celebrate the beauty of words and creativity!

Math and Science Explorations

Potato Racer: Students will have fun building their own race car with a potato. Explore force and motion while having students create their own race car. This is a great STEM activity for the end of the year!

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Invention Convention: Turn the classroom into an Inventor’s Paradise with an Invention Convention! Encourage students to come up with their own inventions and showcase them. Create a “walk of fame” where everyone can admire and learn about these imaginative creations. It’s a blend of creativity and innovation!

Math Olympics: Transform math practice into an exciting Math Olympics event. Set up various math challenges, puzzles, and games around the classroom. Students can rotate through the stations, earning medals or awards for their math prowess. It’s a fun way to reinforce math skills in a playful setting.

STEM Fair Extravaganza: Host a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Fair where students can showcase their STEM projects. From simple experiments to creative engineering challenges, let the classroom transform into a hub of innovation. Invite parents and fellow students to witness the brilliance of young minds in action.

Like Worms? Check out this blog post to teach soil along with language arts! Diary of a Worm is great for teaching point of view and sequencing. There are other concepts you can also cover such as soil, habitats, and worms. In this packet, I have also included some vocabulary, science, and writing activities to go along with this story!

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Social Studies Meets Language Arts

Wax Museum: Wrap up the school year with a special fun activity for your upper elementary students – the “Discovering Amazing Lives” project! Students pick someone awesome from history, do some research, and create a cool biography. Then, they get creative with colorful poster boards. The highlight? A Wax Museum day, where students dress up as their chosen person and share interesting stories. This fun activity celebrates accomplishments, helps with research and writing skills, and makes the end of the school year extra memorable!

end of the year activities for upper elementary 16 Fun End of the Year Activities for Upper Elementary

Artistic Adventures

Arty Projects Fiesta: Now that the big, serious testing is behind us, it’s time to let our creativity soar high! How about letting the kids dive into cool projects? How about crafting their very own board games, where they get to be game designers and invent exciting rules? Or imagine them becoming multimedia wizards, putting together awesome presentations that bring their ideas to life with pictures, sounds, and maybe even a dash of glitter!

And guess what? They can also step into the magical world of storytelling, not just as listeners but as storytellers and illustrators, creating tales that come alive with their vibrant imaginations. It’s like turning our classroom into a haven of creativity where every idea is a spark waiting to ignite!

Art Gallery Extravaganza: Let’s transform our classroom into a magical art gallery! Showcase all the incredible artwork, stories, science projects, and other masterpieces your students have created throughout the year. Send out invitations to parents, teachers, and even other kids to come and celebrate the awesomeness that happened in our class!

Team Bonding Activities

Team Bonding Adventure: Strengthen the bonds within our class with super fun team-building activities. Think collaborative games, group projects, or challenges like building structures with limited supplies. These activities aren’t just about teamwork; they’re about problem-solving, communication, and creating a classroom family that supports each other.

Kindness Carnival: Spread kindness like confetti! Team up with local groups to clean up a park, gather food for those in need, or create special care packages. These projects aren’t just about doing good; they’re lessons in empathy, compassion, and the joy of making a positive impact in our community.

Super Engaging end of the year activities for upper elementary students is the key to a successful end of year!

After state testing, it may feel that the school year is almost over. Let’s keep our students engaged and create fun activities for upper elementary students to keep our classroom a happy and exciting place. These activities help us celebrate our victories, love learning even more, and make memories that will stay with us forever.

Remember, the end of the school year isn’t a “goodbye,” it’s a “see you later” to the next super-duper adventure in our learning journey. Get ready, teachers – let’s make these last weeks the most awesome and unforgettable ever! Here are a few other links you may want to check out before the year ends:

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