Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed with lesson planning? Do you wish for more confidence and preparation in your teaching approach? Do you feel like you can't add one more thing to your schedule? Educational games in the Teacher Gaming Hive may be just the thing you need!



Let's lose these negatives and make teaching fun!

How Teacher Gaming Hive Can Help...

Teacher Gaming Hive is a membership site for upper elementary classroom teachers. With this membership, you will gain…

Why use gaming in your instruction?

What exactly do you get when you join?

Teacher Gaming Hive provides teachers with resources at the click of a mouse. You'll be able to download what you need when you need it with new content arriving each month. Here are just a few of the benefits you will receive.

Immediate access to 50+ educational games and activities

Blast of Fun Minute Review Game Example

5-10 BRAND NEW Game resource bundle added to your member library each month.

Context Clues Digital Game for Google

Access to Videos to explain how the games work and ideas to use in your classroom.

Science Scoot Game Example

Amazing Bonus Offers

🎉 BONUS: Access to an Exclusive and Private Member’s Only Facebook Community.
🎉 BONUS: Customer service to help you with your games
🎉 BONUS: Two live teacher workshops annually

Meet the creator of Teacher Gaming Hive

Hello! I’m Christine DeArmitt. I am a certified reading specialist for grades 3-5 in my school and the curriculum developer at Reading Teacher Buzz. I just finished my 24th year of teaching, and I’m glad you found my page.

My mission with Teacher Gaming Hive is to make teaching easier and more enjoyable for educators like you. I often utilize educational games with my intervention groups, and I know they work! One of my goals is to making learning FUN and MEANINGFUL one resource at a time, and my second goal…save you time! Together, I hope to help my students and yours master the tough skills and grow as readers. 

Christine, author of Reading Teacher Buzz

Are you ready to join?

This membership improves each month with new resources. You have two purchase options.

Monthly Fee $9.99
renews monthly-cancel any time

Annual Fee $99
renews annually-cancel any time

-Please Note-

This price is good until June 30th! You will lock in this rate every month until you cancel. (As the membership grows, the cost will go up, but if you purchase before June 30th your rate will be the same until you decide to cancel.)

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