Whether it’s fall and you’re looking for literature related to Johnny Appleseed or your apples unit, you’re sure to find this QAR strategy helpful for improving reading comprehension and questioning skills. Here, I’ll share with you what’s included with my FREE Johnny Appleseed resource and how it will benefit your students.

Teaching the QAR Strategy to Your Students

Engage in Interactive Learning with QAR:

Immerse your students in an interactive reading experience with our QAR strategy lesson. QAR stands for Question-Answer Relationship. By using it, you can help students discover different question types, explore the story of Johnny Appleseed, and improve their ability to find answers within the text.

The first step in using QAR is to model types of questions. This anchor chart is helpful in explaining how students can first identify the type of question and then locate where to find the answer.

QAR strategy for Questioning

Learn About Johnny Appleseed through the QAR Sort:

Once students are familiar with question types, the next step is to sort them. Students can use the graphic organizer to the left to practice with a partner. You might use Think, Pair, Share to work through the eight question examples.

As your students work, they will uncover the inspiring story of Johnny Appleseed, the man who planted apple trees across the land. They’ll read our engaging passage to learn about his adventures, his impact on communities, and about his love for nature.

Enhance Reading Comprehension: Master the QAR strategy

Throughout these lessons, your students will become QAR experts. become a more thoughtful reader. They’ll learn to identify different question types, find evidence in the text, and connect their own experiences to the story.

The activity to the right helps the students independently identify the question type and also work to find the evidence they need to respond well to the question. This strategy is very helpful for reading comprehension in general, but is also a great test taking strategy. If used throughout the year, test prep will be a breeze.

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